It has been a dark day for History podcasting. My podcast will now disassociate from The History of Ancient Greece podcast due to the unacceptable behaviour of its creative staff.

Any reference to THOAG within my project will have been made previous to my knowledge of the aforementioned behaviour and I apologise for not having the ability to eliminate those references without a lot of time and effort.

I feel confident that this is isolated to this one individual and is not indicative of history podcast creators and I hope that by creating this distance that it sends a clear message about how unacceptable this behaviour is to myself and very many other people within our delightful and special history podcasting community. I would encourage anybody who has been a victim of this behaviour to speak out, even if it’s privately. I am available for that purpose to anybody who needs that help and support.

Let us please do our best to help each other move forward and keep history podcasting fun, entertaining, social and most of all, comfortable.

Best wishes to everybody concerned, Chris @ History of the World podcast.

3 thoughts on “Announcement

    1. All video work associated to my podcast was created by Nick Barksdale at the Study of Antiquity and the Middle Ages so I’m not sure if that is something in his future plans, but personally I will be sticking with audio productions only.


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