One thought on “Vol 3 Ep 10 – BATTLE – The Battle of Marathon

  1. It took several reviews of V3Ep10 to figure out what the heck the ‘Achaemenids’ were doing in 5th century Athens in reference to the Pesistratides. After doing some side research, I finally realized you were saying the word “Alcmaeonid”; the aristocratic Athenian family of the era and not the Persians.
    If the ‘L’ of the name Alcmaeonid is softened in pronunciation to the point non-existence it comes out phonetically almost identical in pronunciation to Achaemenid. ie: OK-ME-AH-NID vs OK-E-MAH-NID. This might have been a good place to insert a narrative foot note for me.
    “Alcmaeonid, not to be confused with the similarly sounding Achaemenid”
    This is the only time in which your otherwise delightful Cornwall accent has given me pause, even though the identical sounding softened ‘L’s and ‘R’s often have me hitting the back button to figure out what word you are actually using. I like to make sure I have the spelling right in my notes.
    Thanks for your hard work.
    I wonder if you are related to Blondie Hasler, the famous sailor and Cockleshell Hero.
    John Hess (Descendant of Cornwall Trebilcocks)
    Joplin, MO USA


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