7 thoughts on “Vol 2 Ep 10 – The Religion of Canaan and Phoenicia

    1. Hello Stephen, I thought that I had replied to this, but I can’t see the reply so perhaps I didn’t! The book is published by Hammond and it is an encyclopedopic book compiled by collaborative contributors. https://www.worldofbooks.com/en-gb/books/stuart-a-murray/hammond-atlas-of-world-religions-a-visual-history-of-our-great-faiths-hammond-wo/GOR005689532?keyword=&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIvLjXptrM4QIVCLftCh3AmgCtEAQYASABEgK3Z_D_BwE

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  1. Hello Stephen,

    Sorry for the late reply. The book is published by Hammond and is a collaborative reference book. Its full published name is Atlas of World Religions – A Visual History of Our Great Faiths. Hope that’s helpful!

    Regards, Chris @ HotWorldpod

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