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5 thoughts on “History of the World podcast discussion forum

  1. How does the recent discovery of bones found in fit into your fascinating series that I have only just started listening to?is this discovery connected to fossils found in RSA ?
    Love the series by the way as do a number of us here in NZ


  2. Which particular discovery are you referring to Yvonne? I published a brief addendum on Homo luzonensis this month. Or possibly the Homo sapiens discoveries in southern Europe perhaps?

    Thanks for the compliment by the way, and I hope you continue to enjoy the podcast series. Please don’t forget to rate the podcast wherever you listen to it.

    Warmest regards,
    Chris @ History of the World podcast


  3. I am referring to the recent news that the first modern humans came from what is now Botswana 200,000 years ago as reported in Nature magazine.


  4. Thanks Yvonne,

    This is such a good question because of the scarcity of fossil discoveries, scientists are rarely going to agree on our method of evolution, especially if any of them have a strong desire to make their own story shine greater than another’s.

    Personally, I always like to absorb any stories and collect my own thoughts on a timeline that seems likely in my own mind. We should be careful when looking at the Botswana theory to not discredit the Jebel Ihroud and Greek discoveries, and be willing to be very open minded whenever any scientist claims a theory or writes a paper.



    With every Homo sapiens discovery, we must ask ourselves the question, how Homo sapiens does a Homo sapiens have to be, to be categorically a Homo sapiens. Our timeline of evolution is a timeline of constant evolution. This is such an interesting subject that conceives the most interesting discussions.


  5. Hi Chris, I agree that we must be careful when looking at science papers and need to think about the total evidence available, not just mitochondrial DNA. There is a piece at the-scientist.com which cautions jumping to conclusions. However, now the extraction of some DNA is possible then it does add another element to the debate.


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